Welcome to the Tumble Tykes Gymnastics

Welcome to the
Tumble Tykes Gymnastics


Our classes range from beginner to advanced and are best suited for ages 18 months to 12 years old. You can pay per visit or sign up for monthly sessions (1-3 session per week)

Birthday Parties

Flip into your next year with a Tumble Tykes Birthday Party. For reasonable rates you can enjoy the gym to yourselves! Our parties are a fun and safe experience your child will never forget.

Summer & Winter Camp

In addition to our regular class schedule, we offers a day long camp program during Summer & Winter. Your child will enjoy gymnastics, dance, games, music, and arts & crafts. Camp is from 9am-3pm.

About Tumble Tykes Gymnastics

Tumble Tykes Gymnastics

We at Tumble Tykes Gymnastics in Reseda and Calabasas deliver high-quality gymnastics and recreational programs that foster a passion for physical fitness. We strive to provide an environment that cultivates listening skills, confidence, self, esteem, self-discipline, and responsibility.

The balance, coordination, flexibility, and concentration that children learn in their gymnastics classes will help them to succeed either as advanced level gymnasts or in any physical activity they choose to pursue. We believe all children are precious gifts. Every child deserves the best instruction possible and that’s what we strive to give every day.

What The Parents Say

Our Classes

Months Old
Class Size

Mini Tykes

18 month – 3 years

Months Old
Class Size

Tumble Tykes

3 years to 12 years

Children’s Rules and Safety

Your children’s fitness and safety are our main priorities

It is very important to us that you and your child have a safe, fun and rewarding experience at our facility. For this reason, we provide and require all students and parents to adhere to our gym rules.

Please review all of the following rules with your children; they must understand and abide by these rules in order to have a safe and enjoyable experience at Tumble Tykes Gymnastics.

  1. Make Sure you sign in before every class
  2. No Shoes or socks
  3. Hair in a pony tail
  4. No chewing gum
  5. Smile on your face

We always check that the equipment we use is in good working order. The floors of our facility are well padded to reduce the force from landings. Mats should be placed under the equipment and properly secured at all times.

 All our employees knows how to administer First Aid . Our staff is prepared for emergency situations.We are First Aid and CPR Certified as well as USA Gymnastics certified . 

 At Tumble Tykes we do a warm up before each class to keep the children flexible and ready for class. Each coach knows each skill level of each child in there classes.The Children progress on each piece of equipment at there own pace. This insures a safe class for all children.

  1. Water bottle

  2. Flexible clothes

  3. Hair tie

  4. NO Shoes or socks

We will store all the Lost and found item for 3 weeks then they will be donated.