7129 RESEDA BLVD. (818) 668-4287
MONDAY3to53:00pm3:45pmHUTCH 5 
MONDAY3to44:00pm4:45pmHUTCH 5 
MONDAY5to64:00pm5:00pmMARISSA 4 
MONDAY 8 to 124:00pm5:00pmKRISSI  1 
MONDAY 3to45:00pm5:45pmMARISSA 5 
MONDAY4to55:00pm6:00pmHUTCH  4 
MONDAY 8 to 125:00pm6:00pmKRISSI 3 
MONDAY3to46:00pm6:45pmHUTCH 3 
MONDAY5to66:00pm7:00pmMARISSA 4 
MONDAY8 to 126:00pm7:00pmKRISSI 3 
TUESDAY1.8 to33:00pm3:40pmEMMAp and me2 
TUESDAY3to43:00pm3:45pmJORDAN FULL 
TUESDAY5to63:00pm4:00pmMARISSA 6 
TUESDAY1.5 to 34:00pm4:40pmEMMAp and me3 
TUESDAY3to44:00pm4:45pmMARISSA FULL 
TUESDAY1.8 to 35:00pm5:40pmMARISSAp and me2 
TUESDAY5to65:00pm6:00pmEMMA 2 
TUESDAY8 to 125:00pm6:00pmJORDANTumbling 5 
TUESDAY1.5to36:00pm6:40pmEMMAp and me3 
TUESDAY5to66:00pm6:45pmMARISSA 3 
TUESDAY8 to 126:00pm7:00pmJORDANParkour/Nija7 
WEDNESDAY3to43:00pm3:45pmEMMA 1 
WEDNESDAY4to54:00pm4:45pmJORDAN 5 
WEDNESDAY6to74:00pm5:00pmEMMA 5 
WEDNESDAY8 to 124:00pm5:00pmMARISSA 5 
WEDNESDAY1.8 to35:00pm5:40pmJORDANp and me4 
WEDNESDAY3to45:00pm5:45pmMARISSA 3 
WEDNESDAY5to65:00pm6:00pmEMMA 3 
WEDNESDAY1.8 to36:00pm6:40pmEMMAp and me4 
WEDNESDAY4to56:00pm7:00pmMARISSA 5 
THURSDAY1.5 to 34:00pm4:40pmMARISSAp and me3 
THURSDAY3to44:00pm4:45pmHUTCH 3 
THURSDAY7 to 84:00pm5:00pmDANIELLE 1 
THURSDAY5to65:00pm6:00pmHUTCH 3 
THURSDAY8 to 125:00pm6:00pmDANIELLE 5 
THURSDAY3to46:00pm6:45pmMARISSA 3 
THURSDAY5to66:00pm7:00pmHUTCH 3 
THURSDAY8 to 126:00pm7:00pmDANIELLEbegginers4 
FRIDAY1.8 to33:00pm3:40pmEMMAp and me2 
FRIDAY4to63:00pm4:00pm JORDAN 3 
FRIDAY5to64:00pm5:00pmEMMA 5 
FRIDAY8 to 124:00pm5:00pmJORDANParkour/Nija2 
SATURDAY1.8 to39:30am10:10amDANIELLEp and me5 
SATURDAY3to49:30am10:15amDANICA 6 
SATURDAY5to69:30am10:30amJORDAN FULL 
SATURDAY1.8 to 310:30am11:10amDANIELLEp and me3 
SATURDAY3to410:30am11:15amDANICA 5 
SATURDAY5to610:30am11:30amJORDAN 4 
SATURDAY1.8 to311:30am12:10pmDANICAp and me1 
SATURDAY4to511:30am12:15pmDANIELLE 4 
SATURDAY7to1011:30am12:30pmJORDAN 4 
Fun Services At

Tumble Tykes


We are a recreational gym here at Tumble Tykes Gymnastics.  Offering an exciting and adventurous space to practice a variety of Olympic events including floor vault, trampoline, rope, balance beams, and bars.  Fostering a passion for physical fitness, we strive to help your young gymnast improve their core strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, confidence and self-esteem.


If you’ve been looking for an exciting unique and stress-free option for your child’s next birthday, a Tumble Tykes birthday is it.  Rent out our entire gym facility for a 2 hour party with activities, including all of our Olympic Equipment.  With games, exciting obstacle courses, multiple trampolines, rings and bars, the kids will have the time of their life!

Camp - Locos Only

Schools out for Summer! Camp Locos Only Summer and Winter Camp is the highlight of our kid’s holiday vacation.  From 9:00AM to 3:00PM the day flies by with games, arts & crafts, and of course multiple gymnastics activities.  We even offer seasonal excursion days; taking the kids to the park and our most exciting weekly excursion, the Beach!